PR01 Distinguished Service Medal

PR02 Medal for Valor

PR03 Merit Cross

 PR04 Wounded Action Medal

PR05 Order of the Governor of PR Common defense Service

PR06 Combat Service Medal

PR07 Commendation Medal

PR08 Outstanding Soldier/NCO of the Year Ribbon

PR09 Service Medal

PR10 Exemplary Conduct Medal

PR11 War Service Ribbon

PR12 Disaster Relief Ribbon

PR13 Hurricane Georges Ribbon

PR14 Active Duty for Training Ribbon

PR15 Caribbean Emergency Ribbon

PR16 Civil Disturbance Ribbon

PR17 Law enforcement Ribbon

PR18 Vlll Pan-American Games Support ribbon

PR19 English Language Proficiency Ribbon

PR20 Counterdrug Service Ribbon

PR21 Regatta 92 Ribbon

PR22 Community Service Ribbon

 SC01  Palmetto Cross

SC02 Medal of Valor

SC03 Exceptional Service Medal

 SC04 Extraordinary Achievement Medal


SC05 Meritorious Service Medal

SC06 Achievement Ribbon

SC07 State Service Medal

 SC08 Retirement Medal

SC09 Palmetto Service Ribbon

SC10 Recruiting and Retention Achievement Medal

SC11 Safety Service Ribbon


SC12 Counter-Drug Ribbon

SC 13Governor's Unit Citation

 SD01 Ribbon of Valor

SD02 Achievement Ribbon

SD03 Distinguished Service Award

SD04 Emergency Operations Ribbon

SD05 Recruiting Medal


 SD06 Service Medal

 SD07 Berlin Crisis Medal

 SD08 Desert Storm Ribbon

SD09 Desert Storm Unit Citation

SD10 Unit Citation

SD11 Distinguished Unit Award

TN01 Distinguished Service Medal


TX01 Legislative Medal of Honor

TX 02 Lone Star Medal of Valor

TX 03 Lone star Distinguished Service Award

TX04 Outstanding Service Medal

TX05 Medal of Merit

TX06 Adjutant General's Individual Award

TX07 Federal Service Medal

TX08 Desert Shield/Desert Strom Medal

TX10 Governor's Unit Citation

 VT11 Desert Strom Ribbon

 VT12 Active Duty for Training Ribbon

 VT13 Professional Development Medal

VT14 Career Service Award

 VT15 Service Ribbon



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