ND01 Distinguished service Medal

ND02 Legion of Merit

ND03 State Commendation Medal

ND04 State Achievement Medal

 ND05  National Emergency Service Ribbon

ND06 Selected Reserve Force Ribbon

ND07 State Outstanding Unit Ribbon

ND08  Oconus  Ribbon

 ND09 Strength Management Ribbon

ND10 Emergency Service Ribbon

 ND11 Service Ribbon

 ND12 Basic Training Ribbon

ND13  State Outstanding Unit Citation

ND14  Governor's Outstanding Unit Citation

 OH01 Cross Medal

OH02 Distinguished Service Medal

OH03 Commendation Medal

 OH04  Faithful Service Ribbon

 OH05 Special Service Ribbon

 OH06 Award of Merit Ribbon

 OH07 Basic Training Ribbon

OH08 Recruiters Achievement  Ribbon

OK01 Distinguished Service Cross

 OK02 Star of Valor

 OK03 Distinguished Service Medal

 OK04 Meritorious Service Medal

OK05 Commendation Medal

 OK06 Exception Service Medal

 OK07 Guardsman Medal

OK08 Desert Strom Service Medal

OK09 Selective Reserve Medal

10 Alfred P. Murrah Service Medal

 OK11 Recruiting Ribbon

OK12 Active Duty Service Medal

OK13Long Service Medal

OK14 Good Conduct Ribbon

OK15 Governor's Distinguished Unit Award

 OR01 Exceptional Service Medal

 OR02 Meritorious Service Medal

 OR03 Commendation Medal

 OR04 3o Year Faithful Service Medal

OR05 Emergency Service Ribbon

OR06 Superior Soldier Ribbon

 OR07 Faithful Service Ribbon

OR08 Recruiting Ribbon

OR09 Superior Unit Ribbon

PA01 Cross for Valor

PA02 Distinguished Service Medal

PA03 Guardsman Medal

PA04 Meritorious Service Medal

PA05 Commendation Medal

 PA06 Service Ribbon

07 Gen. William Moffat-Reilly Medal

PA08  20 Year Medal

09 MG T. R. White Medal

PA10 Recruiting and Retention Medal

PA11 Gen. T. J. Stewart Medal

PA12 Governor's Unit Citation






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